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Chicken Wings...

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The origin of the wings is somewhat disputed, but the most widely accepted version is that it comes from Buffalo, New York, where a restaurant ordering their daily supplies only got chicken wings, and in order not to waste the product they decided to fry them with buffalo sauce.

In Buffalo they became a crucial part of popular culture, to the extent that it was decreed that there should be a Chicken Wing Day, which is why July is a day of celebration for this gastronomic dish. Today, chicken wings are a popular dish in many parts of the world, and Mexico is no exception, as in many places it is easy to find a place that sells good chicken wings.

They became popular in Mexico in the 1990s with the arrival of American chains. Nowadays there are more businesses that differentiate themselves by having 'Alitas' as their speciality.

This food concept did not exist in Mexico, so an entrepreneur from Guadalajara named Martín Santaella, on one of his trips to the United States, investigated how they were made and began to experiment in his own home, mixing different ingredients and flavours himself, in order to find something different and unique.

Currently in Mexico, not only are wings with buffalo sauce popular, but thanks to the diversity of ingredients in our country, today you can find a wide variety of flavours, such as wings with mango sauce, with habanero sauce, chamoy sauce, tamarind sauce, chipotle sauce, marinated, lemon, barbecue sauce and even with parmesan cheese.

At Los Mexicanos you can try this delicious dish, which although it is not entirely native to Mexico, it has become an important and novel part of our gastronomy... Of course, with that Mexican touch that makes them twice as good!

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