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Grilled meat (carnita asada), a tradition from Monterrey.

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Carnita Asada.

When we think of Monterrey (Mexico), we almost always think of the famous Cerro de la Silla, the great industries and, above all, the delicious grilled meat.

Surely, talking about the gastronomy of the State of Nuevo León, grilled meat easily takes the first place in the diet of most of the people from Monterrey. Although cabrito is also an emblem of the state's gastronomy, it is not as commonly consumed as grilled meat, mainly because of its higher price.

Cerro de la Silla.
Cerro de la Silla, Monterrey, México.

As for cooking, although both are cooked over charcoal (direct heat), the time required to cook them is different, with cabrito requiring around 4 hours, while grilled meat only takes around 30 minutes, which made the tradition of grilled meat gain more strength in such a busy and industrial city as the Sultana del Norte, Monterrey, where the pace of life is more accelerated.

In addition to the above, the big difference between cabrito and grilled meat is that the latter ended up with a very different objective than just to feed oneself, but rather it is a tradition of conviviality among family and/or friends. Whether in honour of a birthday, a football match, business or just because it's Sunday.

Without a doubt, the real star of the grilled meat is not the host, but the cuts of meat, the most popular being sirloin, T-Bone, barbecue rib, beef, steak and New York. It is also often accompanied by guacamole (Los Mexicanos' version is delicious), quesadillas (obviously with cheese), grilling sausages, onions and jacket potatoes, although these toppings can vary.

Given the above, it is no surprise that Monterrey is the city with the highest consumption of grilled meat in all of Mexico. According to data from the Northeast Cattle Fattening Association, Nuevo León has been consuming around 30 kg of beef per person annually since 2014, having increased to 37 kg of beef per person in 2017.

Monterrey holds the Guinness record for the largest grilled meat in the world, held in Fundidora Park in 2013, with an attendance of more than 45,000 people.

Fundidora Park
Parque Fundidora

The origin of this tradition remains to be described. According to the Heraldo de México, "According to historians, grilled meat and Monterrey's gastronomy is influenced by Sephardic Jews, who were the first settlers of the city."

If you want to try more Mexican dishes, Los Mexicanos is an excellent, if not the best option in Gijón. The hands that cook are 100% Mexican, serving as it is typically done in a Mexican home, giving their heart in every dish. Come and visit us.


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